How to wear a scarf in your hair fashionably

They are so many amazing ways to wear a scarf in your hair, and I am so excited to share my top finds today. 

I am in Canada and over the last few days, we have had heatwaves one after the other like nothing before. 

And my natural styled hair is not taking it too well.

So I decided to do some single braids (not too heavy), to try to manage it and keep it protected.

But the heat at the moment is just so unbearable. 

Wearing my hair in a top ponytail away from the neck area wasn’t cutting it any longer. 

I figured that adding some cool accessories wouldn’t hurt. 

But wearing my hair with headbands, hair ties and other accessories was getting way overdone. 

So I went on Pinterest, my go-to place for inspiration, and I found some really great ways to wear a scarf in my hair!

For those that are thinking of wearing a scarf in your hair and you have no idea where to start, this post is for you. 

With that in mind, today we will be sharing:

  • Ideas for wearing a scarf in your hair

  • Ways to style your hair with a scarf

  • how to wear a headscarf fashionably

  • And so much more

We are excited to show you all the different ways to wear a headscarf today!

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How to wear a scarf in your hair

They are so many amazing ways to wear a scarf in your hair. 

We are going to share some of our favourite styles below. 

Youtube also has amazing tutorials that you can follow along when you do decide to use scarfs in your hair.

Otherwise, check out all the different ways to wear a scarf in your hair below:

Here are tips on how to wear a head scarf for black women! Check out tips on how to tie a scarf on your head! #hairscarf

1. High Top Knotted Tie

Not only is this look cute and sophisticated, but it is so simple to do.

I love the fact that it can protect your hair from the harsh sun. I would totally rock this style to the beach, on a picnic or at a day event. 

Not sure how to style your hair for that baby shower event? Do this!

This elegant cap head wrap would do the trick perfectly! 

High top knotted hair style for those thinking of wearing a scarf!

Source: Insta Post

2. Low Bun Hair Scarf Style 

I love this hairstyle so much. 

And when I found out she used the scarf from my favourite YouTuber, you know I just have to feature it right? 

You can get the headwrap from Melanin Haircare (the company owned by Naptural85 Youtuber).

She is the queen of epic natural hair everything!

You can definitely check out the full tutorial for this look right here. Low bun hair scarf hairstyle right here.

3. The Knotted Ponytail

What do you think of this hairstyle? 

You can also simply tie a loose ponytail and a scarf to the mix. You can check out the whole style here including a tutorial to follow! 

If you wan to know how to wear a headscarf fashionably like this, definitely check out the tutorial we linked to above. 

You will love this style just as much as we have come to love the look.

The knotted Ponytail Look. Wearing a scarf in your hair this summer is a great look #wearingascarf #scarfhairstyle

4. Side Bow Hair Scarf Look

Rihanna is known for rocking amazing hairstyles.

I even featured her in my easy natural hairstyles for the beach blog posts because she just has a lot of amazing styles. 

This is hairstyle can be worn on a casual day out. 

I am really loving the side bow look and found a similar look on Amazon. But you can pretty much easy any head scared and just tie a cute bow! 

Rihanna rocking a headscarf with a side bow out and about. This easy hairstyle from Rihanna is really cute #bowstyle #scarf5. The Hair scarf That Does it All

Wrapping your in creative ways is what will make the whole look stand out. If you are wondering what the best ways on how to use a scarf in your hair, and you want something unique, then this it.

This look is amazingly stunning and can be worn at a wedding or any event for that matter.

Play around with it and make sure the material matches your outfit! For example, I would totally wear this scarf right here!

It will really help in making you look polished and put together.

If you are looking for the best way to use a scarf in your head to make it look fashionable, check out this look!

Source: Instagram

6. Yoga Head Bands

I am loving these Yoga Head Bands by Minita Studios!

This amazing store is all about feminine and fun hair accessories that are 100% handmade.

The Headbands, Headwraps, Tie up Headbands, Bandanas are all made by Méli, in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada.

Check out these yoga head band styles. Taupe HeadWrap - Fitness Headband Yoga Headband Wide Headband Workout Headband Shabby Chic Boho Headband Tube Headband Womens Headband Finds by MinitaStudio #yogabands

7. Meghan Markle Easy Scarf

I love Meghan Markle, and if you are like me, then you probably follow all her fashion styles.

Summer head scarf styles are everywhere this year and this look by Meghan Markle is just stunning.

If you want to wear a scarf in your hair and you are not sure where to start, I recommend starting with something easy like this one.

Well, this simple headscarf style is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just make you get yourself a really amazing scarf with great material.

I definitely recommend something like this one

Meghan Markle wearing a headscarf with Style!

8. Twist Turban Headband

You can twist, flip, and style it into a turban or an extra-wide headband.

I love the look of this. 

Technically, it’s not really a headscarf, I consider it more of a headband. 

I just had to feature it though! 

It’s versatility and breathable fabric makes it a must-have at the gym to catch those sweat beads & keep your hair out of your face.

You can grab one like this one right here! 

This twist turban Headband is perfect for styling any hair style.

9. Bow turban head Scarfs

What do you think of these bow turban headscarf?

This one, in particular, is bright, lightweight and it makes for the perfect summer hair accessory.

Be sure to grab one for yourself right here!

Bow turban head scarfs you can use to accessories your hair!

10. Simple Ribbon Tie

This simple ribbon tie is the perfect look for any spring or summer look. 

You can rock it with any outfit in my opinion. To find out more about it, you can check out the full post on Barefoot Blonde’s blog

Simple ribbon headband style which is perfect spring and summer! #headwraps

11. Simple Vanilla Cream Lace Head wrap

Be ready for any special occasions with this Garlands of Grace Breathtaking lace coverings. It’s one of the cutest summer head scarf style I have seen all year.
We highly recommend you grab yourself this head wrap and give this look a try. 
These timeless, delicate lace hair wraps are made in varied laces in rich, versatile colours.

Be ready for special occasions with Garlands of Grace Breathtaking lace coverings. Timeless, delicate lace hair wraps are made in varied laces in rich, versatile colors. Lovely neutral colors for any occasion #laceheadwraps If you are thinking of wearing a scarf in your hair!

Why wear a headscarf? 

Wearing a headscarf is a great way to cover a bad hair day! 

Whether you have horrible edges, greasy hair, or a look you are not loving, incorporating a beautiful scarf to the mix can turn a bad hair day into an amazing look!

3 places I recommend getting your headscarf from:


Here is how to tie a scarf in your hair

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