Ottawa Winter Activities

Even though winter is not my favorite season, they are so many amazing things to do in Ottawa that I especially want to try out with my now 2.5-year-old baby girl. 

As I write this post, she will be going on a Winterlude mini-trip with her other baby friends from daycare. 

It’s only -2 outside and we are a little bit just past mid-January which is not bad for winter in Ottawa! As you can see, winter is not as cold throughout. 

The weather does tend to vary in temperature day by day, so they are plenty of things to do in winter in Ottawa that can be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors.

I am a homebody but the majority of my household (my daughter and husband) are outdoor fanatics! This means I spend the majority of time outside all year round.

Ottawa is where you want to be when planning your winter trip to Canada.