Black female travel bloggers

As a black blogger in a travel and lifestyle niche, I wanted to highlight some of the best black travel bloggers so you can diversify your content. 

I love supporting other entrepreneurs, and you will see me do it across all my other blogs. 

I believe that black bloggers are not supported enough in the industry, and I will do my best to highlight them as much as I can. 

The travel industry definitely lacks diversity and by highlighting the best in the industry, we will only move forward. 

As a Canadian travel and lifestyle blogger, I will be highlighting bloggers from around the world. 

So who are some of the best black travel bloggers out there?

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Here is a list of black travelers you should be following:

Not where all the black people in the travel industry are? We made list of over 25 black travel bloggers to follow this year! If you are looking for black female travelers to follow, check out our list #blacktravelbloggers #blackfemaletravels #blackwomen

1. Oneika the Traveller

This blog right here is an epic blog with so much epic information. 

As a Canadian Blogger, I knew I needed to add her on here in order to highlight another Canadian blogger who is black. 

What you need to know about Oneika:

Media personality, journalist, and keynote speaker Oneika Raymond is the host of Travel Channel’s One Bag and You’re Out and Big City, Little Budget.

She’s also an on-air travel and lifestyle correspondent for NBC New York and CTV Canada.  A bona fide travel junkie, her adventures have taken her to over 115 countries on 6 continents.

Check out her blogging series where she shares all kinds of tips on Traveling While Black

If you are not yet connected with Oneika the Traveller, you better do it fast!

Oneika the Traveller, she is a black Canadian Blogger that you need to follow for all your travel inspiration!

2. St Lucia Travels 

This blog is owned and managed by my best friend Jeannelle. 

About this blog: 

St. Lucia Travels was established by two Best Friends, one from St. Lucia and one that has a great love of travelling.

After visiting the gorgeous island of St. Lucia in 2016, the two decided to embark on a journey to bring St. Lucia to life.

It has since grown into a blog that outlines all things, St Lucia. 

If you are like us and are always looking for opportunities to travel the world, then we suggest starting out with St. Lucia.

Here are 7 Reasons why we fell in love with St. Lucia and why you should visit!

3. One Girl, One World

Francesca Murray is an LA-based lifestyle content creator, guidebook author and award-winning travel expert.

She is a trusted voice in the travel industry, and through her online platform One Girl One World, she inspires millennials to embrace the culture, enjoy the food and engage with locals as they travel.

Francesca is fully bilingual in French and English and speaks Spanish and conversational Italian as well. 

She is a proud Afro-Latina with Honduran Garifuna roots.

Known for her natural hair, Francesca is passionate about encouraging self-love and believes that life is a journey – so why not travel in style?

Be sure to read this amazing blog here!

Blogger at one girl one world! Follow us today!

4. Tasteful Ventures

Not only is this an epic name for a blog, but the blog itself is filled with amazing content that will have you travelling in no time. 

Sabatini is a passionate traveller and adventurous foodie; hence the blog name My Tasteful Ventures, which I thought was a pretty catchy name. 

On the blog, you will find the perfect dose of travel hacks, drool-worthy foods, money-saving tips and so much more. 

If you want to learn more about how to travel more but spend less, then this post is a must-read!

5. Effy Talks Life

Efia is a wellness & travel blogger, mindset coach and all-round good gal.

She’s definitely passionate about empowering millennial women to explore the world and chase their dreams.

If this is you, you will connect with her instantly. 

If you believe any of the following: 

  • Black people don’t travel
  • Solo travel isn’t safe for women
  • Moving abroad is scary

Then you, my friend, have no idea what life is.

Become empowered with Effy today!

Solo black female travel bloggers. Effy talks life is an inspiring blog that will take you to places!

6. Hey Ciara

We first featured Ciara on blogs for twenty-somethings that you need to check out.

But we really wanted to highlight her here as a black travel blogger. 

Ciara is a 20 something blogger who is passionate about living an adventurous life and helping others to do the same.

After working in corporate Human Resources for nearly 2 years, she recently quit her job to travel full time and document her experience along the way.

She created her blog to share her travel photos, tips, thoughts, and stories with you!

I loved reading this blog post as I resonated it with it:

The biggest question I receive as a black travel blogger and why I don’t have an answer for you: Where are you from?

7. Packs Light 

If you are looking for more amazing black travel bloggers to follow, then you need to check out Gabby!

Gabby Beckford is a Gen Z travel and lifestyle entrepreneur who specializes in travel tips, writing, marketing, and seeking opportunities (not necessarily in that order).

She took her first solo trip to Iceland at 17-years-old, and never truly came back home!

In the 1.5 years since, she has visited her 29th country, started her business Packs Light L.L.C., spoken at travel conferences, and helped send young adults to countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan completely free by sharing funded travel opportunities she calls ‘Packs Light Travel Opps‘.

She is truly an inspiration.

Check out Packs Light here!

Gabby Beckford from Packs Light

8. Travel with Meko

As a mother, I am always looking for tips and tricks for travelling with kids. 

And this blogger does just that.

Kameko Rooks is a lifestyle blogger and social influencer. Being a native New Yorker gives her the ability to transition from the fast-paced city life to balancing a family.

She has a passion for trying new foods, discovering underwater life, learning new cultures, and exploring different countries.

Traveling with Meko shares insight and gives inspiration to young families and mothers.

With her frequent travel background, she can provide you with ALL the tips and travel hacks to an affordable getaway for you and your loved ones.

If you are looking for a black mom travel blogger, then she is the one.

Read the blog here.

9. Will Drink for Travel

Here is another successful black travel blogger to add to your list and follow. 

Will Drink For Travel combines the love of travelling and seeing new places with the love of unique and native spirits.

It’s a view of the wine, beer, and spirits encountered while travelling.

They do their best to explore the land, people, customs, traditions, food, and stories connected with the featured alcoholic beverage.

What better way to travel the world than one drink at a time?

And I 100% agree with that!

Here is Ashlee, creator of the blog – Will Drink For Travel!

Ashlee of Will drink for travel!

10. The traveling child

Inspiring parents to travel with their kids while providing tips to make it easier. 

If you are a parent as I am, this is where you want to spend your time.

Monet is a full-time working woman, wife and mama of two.

She is the author of the children’s book series The Traveling Child Goes to. Check out her first book The Traveling Child Goes to Rio de Janeiro!

If you can support her, that would be even more amazing and kind of you.

11. The Blog Abroad

Once I landed on this blog, I found myself checking 2-3 other blogs and I just fell in love with this. 

Find out how a girl who never desired to travel turned into a full-time nomad, finding a way to build a 6-figure blog to support a lifestyle that enables her to travel around the world, and getting paid to post about it.

She will inspire you through her journey of being a solo female traveller, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle.

Her photos are amazing and I trust you will love her blog too!

She is definitely a black travel blogger you would want to follow.

The blog abroad is owned by a black female traveler and is so inspiring.

12. The Sophisticated Life

They are so many amazing black travel bloggers out there and Nadeen is definitely one of them!

Nadeen has been practicing medicine for over 20 years while travelling all over the world.

She is an award-winning travel blogger, content creator, Amazon bestselling author, speaker, travel inspirer, bon-vivant and oenophile who believes in living life to the fullest.

Her travel guides will help you get to your bucket list destinations and tells you what to see, do, eat & drink while there.

Be sure to follow her on her blog here.

13. The Awkward Traveler

I love everything about this blog. 

You will definitely find a lot of interesting topics discussed on The Awkward Traveler. 

So what is the recipe for an Awkward Traveller?

According to Kay the owner of the Awkward Traveller: 

Add 1 cup twenty-something female
Heat a teaspoon of puns and dumb memes on medium-low heat
Stir in a couple of plane tickets, train rides, and a road trip or two
Let simmer for an uncomfortable amount of time
Pair with two slices of always getting lost and mixing up itinerary times
Use a dash of salt to taste

If you want to follow Kay and know about her awesome blog, be sure to follow her here

Kay the Awkward Traveller

14. Black Girls Travel Too

Black Girls Travel Too creates travel experiences that breathe life into Black women and span from the islands of Barbados to the crown cultural jewels of the UK and beyond.

Black Girls Travel Too curates travel experiences with the intent of stretching, growing, and enriching women through travel.

What started as an Instagram account in January of 2015, has now become a black travel movement that has changed the lives of hundreds of women around the world.

This is one of the best black travel blog to follow for inspiration and for learning purposes. 

15. Live and Earn in Canada

We couldn’t end the post without mentioning this blog. 

I am the creative director behind this blog, where you can find Canadian travel tips such as this one, or my travel experiences outside of Canada like when I went to Mauritius

We also discuss what it’s like to live in Canada as a black person among other things.

You can also find awesome beauty and fashion tips for travel here!

We are always looking for great travel guest posters, so do not hesitate to connect with us. 

Black travel Influencers to follow on Instagram

If you are interested to do a quick follow of black travel bloggers on Instagram, these 10 influencers are where you need to start: 

  1. Ajala_Travels
  2. Blacktravelfeed
  3. Travelingfro
  4. Jetsetsarah
  5. TheBrunchBelle
  6. Wherelifemeetsliving
  7. Foreign_fresh_fierce
  8. Bktraveladdict
  9. Candanceabroad
  10. Tiatakestheworld


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