Vacation Hairstyles For Black Hair That Are Easy

Since I will be heading out on vacation pretty soon, I decided to look up a few natural hairstyles for the beach that I could rock when in Mauritius!

I very natural hair and the last time I went on vacation I wasn’t as ready. This time around, I plan to be as ready as I can be!

And this goes for my little girl as well! The best option for me would be to do a protective hairstyle that has zero to low maintenance.

This would be really ideal!

Ready to get some cool inspiration for beach hairstyles for black hair?

As someone that has natural hair, I felt that it was important to share ideas on how to style your hair while on vacation. 

I also refer back to this post every time I plan a vacation gateway to somewhere warm like when we visited Mauritius!

With that in mind, today we will be sharing:

  • The best vacation hairstyles for black natural hair

  • Low maintenance natural hairstyles for the beach

  • Black girl vacation hairstyles you would want to rock all the time

Before getting starting, I think it’s great to find out what hair type you have.

I think my hair type is an easy 4B/4C hair which gets extremely coiled when wet with no room to do anything else.

To find the perfect natural hairstyles for the beach was my top priority.

We hope these vacation hairstyles for black hair inspire you to protect your hair more. 

What is the best way to wear your hair when swimming?

Personally I enjoy wearing my natural hair in braids or some sort of protective hairstyles. This also makes it much easy to wash out and condition my hair after the beach.

My hair typically really shrinks when wet, and if I don’t care for it the right way to start off, then this means I will spend hours later trying to fix and smooth out my hair. 

That is why I really needed to find some quick and easy natural hairstyles for black hair that can easily be maintained during my trip.

Finding natural hairstyles for a beach vacation was reasonably easy online!

But not only did I want to find the best vacation hairstyles for black hair, but I also need tips on how to maintain it. 

This is really my ultimate struggle!

How do I maintain my natural hair while swimming? 

If you are looking for natural hairstyles for swimming, we have plenty of ideas below.

However, if you want the hairstyles to last for a long time, while on vacation, you have a lot of maintenance to do!

I typically take a bath before going into the pull or the beach which forces me to wet my hair thoroughly.

By doing this, it minimizes the amount of chlorine or salt that gets to my hair.

I also quickly add a bit of coconut on my hair which acts a protective layer.

After the swim, I always wash my hair with my go-to shampoo and I always add a leave-in conditional with coconut oil.

When I am back home, I immediately do a hot oil treatment. 

Protective hairstyles for the beach is it necessary?

Yes, I believe that protective hairstyles are absolutely needed for those that have natural hair.

Swimming every day with natural hair can be really had to maintain especially if your hair tends to shrink and even worse, develop tight knots.

These knots are really hard to untangle, they sometimes take up so much time to untangle and this is just not ideal for most.

By finding a way to protect your hair from the harsh water of the beach will help to alleviate the stress your hair might go through. 

Check out these amazing vacation hairstyles for natural hair!

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25 Natural Hairstyles For The Beach

I am going to share a few hairstyles that I came across that totally loved and that caters to natural hair of all types.

You can decide which one you want to go with and I will let you know my pick at the end of the post!

There is no right or wrong style but you definitely want to choose one that you are most comfortable with. 

With that in mind, here are 25 natural hairstyles for the beach that are worth your time!  

here a few natural hairstyles for the beach to try out! What are some of the best natural hairstyles for swimming? Here is a list of the best natural hairstyles for black women that are going on vacation. Here is how to take care of your natural hair while on vacation by wearing protective styles like crochet braids, cornrows and more #naturalhair #protectivestyle

1// An Up-Do with Bangs

This amazing hairstyles not only looks totally cute, but it is so easy to style. If you would like to achieve the same look, view the full tutorial right here!

If you are looking for the best beach vacation hairstyles for black hair, I recommend going with a style that would be easy for you to maintain like this one. 

It is also really cute for the beach.

Here is an easy Beach Hairstyle you can do with your hair this summer #haistyles #Updos

Source: Natural Hair Mag

2// A Defined Twist Out That Lasts 

I love this amazing twist out and I think it is so perfect for a day at the beach! Latoya does an amazing job styling her twist out that makes it feel beach ready!

Vacation hairstyles for black women does not need to be complicated.

In fact, going with something that you can easily re-do while on vacation might be your best bet!

Achieving this flawless twist-out is easy with the tutorial she put together.

How to wear your natural hair at the beach this summer #beachtime #vacation

Source: Latoya Ebony

3// Double Dutch Braids For Beach

This look is an easy and simple hairstyle do for the beach.

I think with this hairstyle it would need to be braided really good in order to last a week if you are in the water daily. 

I am not a cornrow type of girl but I think this is quick to do and I would probably get a professional to do it. 

Double Dutch Braids for natural hairstyle.

Source: @mimisbraids

4// Faux Locs Protective Style

This faux locs by Meagan Goods is absolutely stunning and I feel like I will do it my own hair. My partner currently has dreads but I am more into this faux locs look. 

This is on maybe list.

My trip to Mauritius is not until October 5th!

Here are Meagan Goods rocking this protective hairstyle at the beach! 

Meagan Goods Faux loc protective hairstyle which is perfect for the beach #fauxlocs #naturalhair #protectivehairstyle

Source: Essence

5// Double Halo Braids

This double halo braid protective style that Lupita Nyong’o has going is awesome for a day at the beach! Although I wouldn’t rock it, I think is perfect for those that are into this look. 

It’s simple, elegant and easy to do!

You can see more of her styles here! 

How to hold a double halo braid for the beach

6// Senegalese Twist Hairstyles For Women

I totally love the look and style of the Senegalese Twits.

Easy vacation hairstyles like these are easy to style and can instantly give you a new look.

Keep in mind they can be done differently, but I like the smaller ones compared to the jumbo ones for the beach. I really liked this style I found on The TrendSportter!

Senegalese twists that you can wear as a protective style

7// Simple Single Braids

If you can rock the single braids route then go for it.

It is definitely the best protective hairstyles for swimming hands down! 

This is my go-to style most of the time and that’s why I am looking for something very unique for my vacation. 

But single braids are safe and it can be styled in multiple ways. 

Here are a few easy natural hairstyles for the beach that you can rock this summer

Source: Getty Images

8// Marley Twists Perfect Natural Hairstyle For The Beach

Marley twist is the perfect hairstyle for the beach only because I find them light on the head, they are extremely fast to do (not a day job like the single braids) and they look so fashionable!

Brandy does an adorable job wearing this Marley twist hairstyle. 

Protective hairstyle by brandy

Source: Getty

9// Marley Kinky Twist – Small

Some of the best beach hairstyles for black women are those that are simple to do!

I love these Kinky twists. They are tiny and perfect which means they may not be too heavy to go on the beach with.

Ideally, you want something that is light and easy to style.

Water tends to weigh things down so I would avoid that, especially on a very hot day.

That is why I love these tiny twists. Check out Nicole Ari Parker does an amazing job rocking these kinky twists. 

Kinky Twists a perfect protective hairstyle for the beach

10// Box Braids Perfect Hairstyle For The Beach

Box braids are a great protective style when you need a break from your natural hair.

When I am away on vacation, I definitely need a little break from looking after my natural hair which sometimes takes up so much time to maintain.

Box braids are definitely more fashionable and can be worn at anytime.

Here is a box braid that are awesome. Tips for styling boxed braids.

11// Short Bob Braids For Summer Beach Days

Now here is a natural hairstyle worth wearing? 

Bobs are a perfect hairdo for summer as well as for a day on the beach! 

This simple hairstyle is great for those that will spend most of their time on the beach and the aftercare will be short and sweet! Would you do a bob hairstyle in braids? 

Which of these natural hairstyles for the beach would you do?

12//  Twist on the classic french braids

This style is really simple to do. 

All you really need is to do two french braids and twist out the rest of your hair. It’s low maintenance although you will need to frequently condition and moisturize your ends.  

Here us a simple hairstyle for those that have natural hair and are looking for style for the beach.

13// Feed-in Ponytail Braids

How long do feeder braids last? These types of styles typically last for about a week or so which is great if you are going away for a week. 

It’s perfect for a short amount of time which makes it great for the beach! 

Feed in ponytail braids

Source: @Freshlengths

14// Cornrow Bun Protective Hairstyle

If you are looking for the perfect up-do hairstyle for the beach, this cornrow bun is perfect for the week!

This is both incredibly pretty and pretty low-maintenance and therefore perfect. 

To grab the tutorial, visit this page! 

Cornrow bun braids. How to Do a Braided Bun With Cornrows, get the full tutorial here #braids #protectivestyle

Source: Cosmopolitan

15// Crochet braids good for swimming

I love crochet braids for the simple fact that is quick to do and I don’t have to spend a day or two putting it on.

Depending on the type of crochet braids you use, they are typically easy to maintain and last about 2 weeks with proper care!

crochet braids good for swimming. Here are Vacation Hairstyles For Black Hair That Are Easy! 25 AWESOME & EASY NATURAL HAIRSTYLES FOR THE BEACH

16// Half-Up, Half-Down Mini Braids

This half-up and half-down mini braids are a simple cornrow look that is very low maintenance. It makes for a gorgeous look for the beach!

here a few natural hairstyles for the beach to try out!17// Fishtail braid on natural black hair

If you search online for fishtail braids for black hair, you will be greeted with a lot of amazing styles.

I really love this fishtail braid on Janelle Monae! 

But for the beach, I would definitely make it much more plain and tight in order to last! Otherwise, this look is simple to do and maintain.

Janelle Monae is known to wear amazing hairstyles. You can simply look her up for more inspiration. 

fishtail braid on natural black hair18//Jumbo Senegalese Twists

We already shared the mini Senegalese Twists above, but these jumbo twists just had to make the cut. I love the way they look.

And it is a possible option for me for the beach! 

Jumbo Senegalese Twist ideas to protect natural hair

19// Easy Jumbo Cornrow 

Don’t you just love the look of this easy to do jumbo cornrow hairstyle? 

They look easy to do and also easy to maintain while on vacation. And you can finish it by tying into a bun.

I think it’s one of the best black hairstyles for swimming as it would also take little time to dry off and moisturize. 

Jumbo cornrow braids and bun.

20// Curly Twists Braids For The Beach

This amazing curly twist hairstyle looks totally amazing. 

I love the way you can style it any way you want and the up-do with the bangs makes it perfect for a day at the beach! 

Curly twist braid hairstyles for the beach

Source: Beauty Hair Cut

21// Crochet Hair with Side Braids

Crochet is really an easy but perfect beach hairstyle for natural hair!

This particular hairstyle gives an illusion of a Mohawk look which I totally love. And I love it even more because it is crochet styled meaning little time spent putting it on!

If you are looking for natural hairstyles for the beach, I would make it slightly less poofy and we are all good to go!

crochet braids with side braids

Source: @stylecaster

22// Beyonce Lemon Braids

I love the Beyonce super long mini lemonade braids with some touches of gold throughout the locks.

It is one of the best natural hairstyles for the beach if you are looking for something different than the regular backward cornrows. 

The perfect Beyonce lemon braids, a natural hairstyle for the beach!

23// Water Wave Crochet Braids

It’s no lie that I love me some crochet braids. 

This water wave crochet looks really elegant, wavy and not too heavy for the beach! I might give this one a try before going on vacation. 

Water wave crochet hairstyle

24// Keep it Short – Short Hair For Black Women

If you have short hair, why not rock it. 

Simply find a hair cut that suits you and rock it out naturally. Honestly, this is the best natural hairstyles for the beach as you have nothing more to worry about.

Simply moisturize and condition. 

Short hairstyles for black women

25// Short Mohawk Natural Hairstyle

The Mohawk natural hairstyle is one I have never tried but I am 100% willing to try one day!

Have you had the opportunity to style your hair with the Mohawk look?

Short Mohawk natural hairstyleWhich of these natural hairstyles for the beach would you do?

I really love number 4 and 9, although I have never had these styles before. I think they would look great on me.

I would really have to try it out to fully recommend the styles.

Products Required For Your Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyles

First, if you don’t have a prime account, you better get one today!

I recommend these products for anyone going on vacation and still wants to product their natural hair:

If you have other natural hairstyles for swimming that you suggest, share them below. 

Here a few natural hairstyles for the beach to try out! What are some of the best natural hairstyles for swimming? Here is a list of the best natural hairstyles for black women that are going on vacation. Here is how to take care of your natural hair while on vacation by wearing protective styles like crochet braids, cornrows and more #naturalhair #protectivestyleRead this next:

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