Things to do before you Turn 20

We have made a list of unique things to do before you turn 20!

There’s a lot to do and learn in 20 years.

In a recent blog post on I talk about 20 Life Lessons in 20 Years

Turning 20 is a bigger milestone than people make it out to be. Once you’re 20 you’re no longer in your teens!

Sure you still can’t drink legally in the United States but you’re officially an adult.

In this post, I’ll be talking about 20 things to do before you turn 20.

What 20-Year-Olds Should Be Doing

Among other things, they are a few things you should be doing when you turn 20 or just before you turn twenty! 

This is a beautiful time as you embark on a new journey. 

Being responsible is always a priority but this shouldn’t mean that you are not to enjoy what life has to offer. This list has plenty of amazing ideas to get you started on your new journey!

We want you to be well informed and responsible before considering yourself as a young adult.

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So what are some cool things to do before 20 that can do that you will enjoy?

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Things to do before you Turn 20

Here are a few things to do in your 20s that will not only get you through but allow you to slay your 20s. #thingstoinyour20s #survivingyour20s #selfimprovement #thingstodobefore30 Here is what you need to do before you turn 20!

Here is a list of everything you can get done before your big 20!

1. Travel Outside of your Home Country

I put this as number one because I think this is the most important thing to do before you turn 20.

Travelling outside of the country you live in is such a great experience and why not experience it while you’re still young.

You learn so much more about different cultures when you actually travel to a country rather than just looking it up online.

I’ve been to England, Ireland, and Mexico all before the age of 20 and they were all equally amazing trips in their own ways.

I highly recommend travelling at any age but definitely do it at least once before you turn 20.

Here are the best places to travel alone, and if you want a travel partner or a travel buddy, we have tips for you here. 

2. Learn a Second Language

They are so many things to do when you turn 20, but learning a second language will definitely go a long way!

I think everyone should learn at least one other language in their lifetime.

I’m not saying you have to become fluent in it but just learn some important phrases. It helps you to communicate with people when you travel.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to be able to say you speak more than one language.

I’m not even close to fluent but I took 2 levels of Spanish classes and one level of American Sign Language.

Both were really neat to learn and I think everyone should at least attempt to learn a second language.

3. Move to a New Place

Whether it be moving with your family or moving out of your family home, I think everyone should move to a new place before their 20.

I was only nine years old when I moved from Michigan to North Carolina and there were a lot of things I learned through moving.

As I said, I don’t necessarily think you need to move out before you’re 20 (I’m still living at home at 20) I do think that you should at least have experienced moving to a new place before 20.

4. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is an important part of working and teaches so many things.

I think volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and that it’s something every young person should experience.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter, homeless shelter, library, the opportunities are endless.

If you have time in your twenties, take the time to volunteer your time #volunteeringtips

5. See a Live Band

Everyone should see their favourite band live, and they should do it before they are 20.

There is just something so exhilarating about seeing your favourite band or musician live in concert.

I’ve seen many concerts before turning 20 and I’ve gotten to see my favourite band, Five Seconds of Summer, twice and my favourite rapper, Logic, twice as well.

Each time was unique and enjoyable and I had more fun than ever.

6. Get your First Job

A good work ethic is important for your future.

Getting your first job before you turn 20 will give you time to practice being a good employee and will teach you many life lessons as well.

In fact, check out this list of 18 easy jobs for lazy people that you can try out! 

I challenge you on this. 

One of the things you should do before you turn 20 is to try out at least one job opportunity from the list. 

7. Get a Tattoo

In the United States, you can’t get a tattoo until you’re 18 but I definitely think you should get at least one before you turn 20.

In Canada, you will have to be over the age of 16 to get a tattoo. 

They are so cool and are a great way to express yourself.

I only have one tattoo and I got it when I was 18.

Make sure that whatever tattoo you get means something to you so that way you’ll be okay with having it on your body for the rest of your life.

8. Take a Road Trip

Road trips can be so much fun, especially when you do it with people you’re close to.

I’ve been on over 11 road trips before I turned 20 and they were always a great bonding experience.

It’s so fun to stop at different places along the way and see the sights of different states.

9. Make a Bucket List

Things to do before turning 20 is really a list of what you as an individual would like to do.

I’ve made plenty of bucket lists and I recommend everyone makes one before they at least turn 20.

The things on your list don’t have to be extravagant but should at least be important to you. It’s a fun way to see what you want to do during your life.

10. Buy Your First Car

So I’ve bought two cars before the age of 20 but only one of them I’ve bought on my own.

I did have to take a loan to be able to buy the second one but I am paying for it all by myself.

I think making a big purchase at a young age is a good way to teach yourself responsibility.

It doesn’t need to be a brand new car. 

After all, you are only turning 20. 

11. Go to Disney World

I’ve been to Disney World once when I was 8 and once when I was 18.

It was just as magical at age 18 as it was at age 8.

When I was 8 I went with my family and stayed for a week.

When I was 18 I went with my boyfriend and we stayed for three days.

Whether you go for a short or a long trip, you have to go before you turn 20.

You will not regret it!

12. Practice Self Care

Practicing self-care is so good for you and why not start before you turn 20?

Life can be stressful, especially in your teen years when a lot of changes happen.

I started self-care in my late teens but wish I would’ve started younger as I feel so much better when I take care of myself.

There are plenty of things to do before you’re 20, but I definitely recommend a Glow Up Routine or a Glow Up Challenge to go on your to-do list. 

13. Go to Prom

I went to both my boyfriend’s and my senior prom and had a blast each time.

Something about getting dressed up, going to a nice dinner, taking pictures, and dancing the night away is just so spectacular.

If you’ve already graduated high school but didn’t go to your prom you should definitely find some sort of ball or dance to attend before you turn 20.

14. Go to the Ocean

I love going to the beach.

It’s something I’ve done with my family every year since I was 9.

I don’t care what ocean you go to as long as you get there before you’re 20. It’s so relaxing listening to the waves crash and so much fun playing in the water and sand in the sun.

15. Become Confident

Get confidence in yourself before you turn 20.

Life is so much better when you’re confident in yourself.

I’m still working on being completely confident in myself, but my journey started well before I was 20.

Confidence is the key to success.

16. Hike a Mountain

Hiking is great exercise and the view you get once you’ve reached the top of the mountain is always breath-taking.

Get a group of friends, play some good music, and get hiking.

It’s exhausting and your legs will be burning by the end, but it’s such a great way to make some amazing memories.

17. Go on your First Date

No one wants to be that person in their 20’s who’s never been on a date.

I went on my first real date at the age of 15.

Also, don’t be that lame person who goes to the movies for their first date with someone. Do something fun! Go to play mini-golf, race go-karts, do a painting class, the options are endless!

18. Find a Hobby

If you are wondering about what to do before you turn 20, I suggest starting a cool hobby!

My first hobby started at a very young age, however, I realize many people don’t have hobbies. Find a hobby to do in your free time.

You can meet a lot of cool people that have the same interests as you by having a hobby.

My hobbies are painting and photography. Both are things that I enjoy doing when I get the chance.

19. Save Some Money

Young people need to learn to be better with money.

Saving money is another way to teach yourself responsibility.

Start saving before you’re 20, even if it’s only a little bit at a time, you never know when you’re going to need some extra cash.

And who knows, by the time you are 30, you might have a huge chunk of change in your account to buy that new house. 

20. Love Yourself

Finally, before you are 20, please learn to love yourself.

You are the only “you” on this planet.

Be grateful for the person you are and love who you are unconditional. Learning to love me was the greatest blessing of my life.

And there you have it, the ultimate list of things to do before you turn 20!

I recently found this amazing YouTube video on more things you can do before you turn 20. Give it a watch and tell us your thoughts. 

20 Things To Do In Your 20’s!

What do you think of the video? 

I hope you enjoyed our list of 20 things to do before 20! If they are things you can think of that you must do before you turn 20, leave your thoughts in the comments area below!

Here are a few things to do in your 20s that will not only get you through but allow you to slay your 20s. #thingstoinyour20s #survivingyour20s #selfimprovement #thingstodobefore30 Here is what you need to do before you turn 20!

Here is a list of things to do before you turn 20! Find 20 Things To Do Before You Turn 20! Do you have a bucket list of things to do before you turn twenty? no? read ours #turn20This guest post was written by Emily Simpson from The True Nanny Life Blog


Here Is A List of 20 Things to do before you Turn 20 This Year