Working from home part-time

Everyone is after a more work-life balance. And if you can work part-time from home, then why not? 

Some jobs are better than others at allowing at least some work-life balance, but some business owners don’t really see the point of doing this.

It is becoming more and more popular to work from home, and some even believe that this helps boosts productivity!

A lot of women are embracing the fact that they can work full-time as well as raising kids!

But for this to work well, you definitely need some work and life balance! And in order to live your best life, you need to focus on progress and not perfection!

If you do have a job that would make it simple for you to work part-time from home, then you’re in a good position to try to convince your boss to let you work part-time from home!

Before you can ask them about your proposition, you need to know your reasons for wanting to work from home! 

Reasons for wanting to work from home

Before your boss or anyone can approve your request for wanting to work from home, you first need to know why?

Is your job a job that can be performed from home? If so, why not work in a space that is provided for you?

Is your request to work part-time from home ideal and convenient for both parties?

Really come up with a compelling argument for wanting to work from home.

Here are a few reasons for wanting to work part-time from home instead from out of the office: 

1// Valid Reasons To Work From Home

  • You will reduce on commuting – If you work really far from your job but you are qualified for it, you may want to choose to work from home part-time or full-time
  • It reduces transportation and car costs if applicable 
  • Less work destruction and this means you can get a lot done (provided that your home is not destructing either)
  • You will have a flexible schedule but you will still need to meet deadlines
  • You will be able to thrive better in a self-made work space designed for your preferences and workflow.

2// Why Do You Want To Work From Home Answers

Your boss may have multiple questions of why you may want to choose this route! And here are a few answers you might have for their questions: 

  • Ideally, if your boss asks you why you want to work from, answer with a business point of view! For example, instead of saying it’s better for your family, you could say you will be much more productive at home than the office. 
  • When answering questions about working from home, try to push your answers in a way that will benefit the employer more than it would benefit you. 
  • Some employees are willing to take a little pay cut for the opportunity to work from home part-time or even full-time – If this is you, suggest it to your boss 
  • Depending on where you work, it could reduce overhead cost for having an employee at a physical location
  • Less office dramas and work conflict – This is completely avoided if you work remotely
  • Ideally you will have a better work-life balance if you work from home and you will then become more productive 
  • We already mentioned this, but productivity is the number reasons most employees prefer working from home
  • It can be less expensive for the employee if you do decide to work from home part-time

3// Other Benefits of Working From Home

And now that you have given all the possible reasoning for wanting to work part-time from home, you want to come up with a solid request to actually ask your boss! 

Use all the above reasons for your back up and follow the plans below for a chance of success! 

Some companies even within the government sector might allow you one day or even two days a week to work from home part-time!

If this is your dream, following the steps below might just win you that opportunity!

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Work Part-Time from Home Strategy

Here is our best strategy that you can use to convince your boss to let you work part-time from home! 

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A// Figure Out the Logistics First

Before even approaching your boss about the idea of working from home, you’ll need to figure out whether it’s even remotely possible.

What tools or equipment do you require at home that you have at the office to make it work?

Are you willing to spend the extra money to set all of this up for yourself in order to have your work from home dream come true?

Or are you hoping to ask your boss to foot the bill for this possible extra expense?

B) Provide a Well Thought-Out Plan of Action

If you can outline exactly how everything will work, including showing up at meetings on time, then you have won half the battle of your work from home part-time request.

If you really want to convince your boss to let you work from home, you need a detailed report show casing the advantages!

You need to build a case that is worth being heard!

Create a report for your boss about how you will do each area of your job tasks while you’re at home so that they can visualize the potential as well as the benefit.

Highlight the end results as much as possible!

C) Back Up Your Research

Include supportive research that shows your employers that people who work from home at least part of the time are more productive, instead of less productive.

You want your boss to really see the benefit by laying it all on the table!

Be ready to prove this research by increasing your productivity when you are actually given the opportunity to work from home part-time!

D) Develop a System for Working Part-time at Home

Before you go away and start your work-from-home life, get a system in place!

Set systems in place well in advance so that you know they work and both people are aware of this.

Test them out before approaching your boss so that you know they will work 100 percent instead of leaving things to the last minute.

Ensure that you are properly connected and you will not get disconnected. In other words make sure you always have good phone reception.

Avoid having loud sounds around you when you work like the TV, radio or loud kids! Keep everything professional as you would if you were working in an office setting. 

E) Provide Assurances about Required Meetings

If meetings are planned in advance there should be no issues about you getting to meetings on time.

But, if your work place often has last-minute meetings, that could be a problem!

You will need to find a solution for this ahead of time such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing or Skype! 

Alternatively, if you live close to your work place, you can state that you can attend every meeting within an hour or two if they’re extremely  important.

Just make sure people understand this.

You do not want to be taken our from your task for every meeting planned. 

F) Calling in Sick

If you work in the office, you are more likely to call in sick and stay home.

But what if you work from home part-time or full-time? You are already home, do you need to call in sick?

The simple answer is yes! As we mentioned, you are at home and you are still getting paid to work, this means you should be working!

But if you are really sick, you can’t get off bed or you need to go to the doctors, this means that you might not complete a task and your boss should get a reason for it!

If you are sick, then you are sick. 

G) Ask for a Probation Period for Your Part-time Work Request

Once you have had a chance to talk to your boss about the possibility of working from home part-time, do a trial run!

Come up with an arrangement to see how everything will work out.

Maybe pick a day or two during the week that you can work from home (one that is not too busy)

And if it is a go, do your best to over deliver and show them as much great work as you can!

Keep the communication lines open and try to update them as frequently as possible. 

H) Over Deliver

Be prepared to work extra hard if you do get the go-ahead to work from home.

Make sure you find ways to connect with your boss frequently and show them what you’re doing so that you won’t be seen as irrelevant and not needed.

Deliver and show more results once you’re home, and your boss will be pleased and maybe even make it possible for more people to work from home.

Working from home does have its good side and downside!

Definitely be prepared to have to work out some kinks and perfect your systems as you go.

Many bosses are happy to have more people work from home if the turn over is great! You can be that person! 

Do you currently work from home part-time? How did you convince your boss? Tell us in the comments below! 

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