If you happen to be in Canada on Canada Day, you need to catch the Canada Day fireworks!

Fireworks in Canada is a huge deal, especially on Canada Day!

People travel from all over the world just to be part of the big Celebrations we have here on Canada Day! 

And if you are one of those people that have chosen to travel to Canada to watch our amazing Canada Day fireworks, we want to share with our best tips! 

Traveling To Canada for Fireworks

Most places in Canada like Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver will all put on a huge show for the Canada Day Fireworks.

And if you are planning to travel to Canada or if you are in Canada and you happen to not be in your home town, they are a few places you can catch the show!

Remember that July 1st which is Canada Day is a statutory holiday!

Most places will be off and access to certain roads will be closed, most businesses and stores will also be closed on that day! 

Plan your day accordingly! 

Where to Watch The Canada Day Fireworks

We are now going to share some of the best places in Canada that you can visit to watch the best Canada Day Fireworks show!

If you plan to travel, again, be safe, travel in ahead of time and plan for major delays.

Expect hotels and car rentals to be busy and in most cases fully booked months in advance especially in major cities!

So where are some of the best places to watch the Canada Day Fireworks? 

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Canada Day Fireworks

Here are the list of the best places to watch the fireworks in Canada! If you would like us to add your home town, tell us in the comments below! 

Canada Day Fireworks! Here all the best places to watch the Canada Day Fireworks in Canada! Enjoy Canada Day Celebrations with all our tips #Canadaday #Canadadayfireworks

1// At The Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Again we are not biased just because we are in Ottawa, but what better place to watch the big show than in the nation’s capital?

You can definitely watch the fireworks almost all around Ottawa, but most of the major activities will be happening in the downtown core right at the parliament hill!

And the best sport to watch the fireworks in Ottawa except for the Hill is:

  • The Confederation Part
  • Major Hill Park
  • Canadian Museum of History

Canada Day Fireworks in Ottawa at the Parliament hill #canadaday #fireworks #Ottawafireworks

Source: Ottawa Tourism

2// Canada Day Fireworks In Toronto

The next best place to watch the fireworks would be in Toronto! 

Toronto is definitely busy and they know how to throw a great party. Be assured that you will definitely enjoy yourself in this amazing city!

You can join the rest of the city by catching the fireworks in a few different locations:

  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • Mel Lastman Square
  • Amesbury Park

And a few other locations around Toronto! Where ever you are in Toronto, be assured you will enjoy Canada Day! 

canada day fireworks in toronto. Enjoy yourself on Canada Day in Toronto by watching the amazing fireworks #CanadaDay #Toronto

3// Niagara Falls Fireworks

Who doesn’t love Niagara Falls?

Watching the fireworks over the Niagara Falls on Canada is even more breathtaking!

Because of this, Niagara Falls frequently has fireworks going off most of the year!

Beginning June 17th, Niagara Falls fireworks will be going off every night at 10:00 pm until September 2nd.

If you want a list of days that you can enjoy the Niagara Falls Fireworks, be sure to check their website frequently! 

Enjoy the Canada Day Fireworks on the Niagara falls! #niagarafalls #Fireworks

Source: website

4// Canada Wonderland Fireworks

Canada Wonderland is located in Vaughan!

They begin their Canada Day Celebrations a little early, typically the last day of June and goes on for two weeks!

At Canada Wonderland, you can enjoy live music, authentic Canadian food, street performers and more!

Quick history: Canada’s Wonderland, located in Vaughan, Ontario (just outside Toronto), is a 300-acre theme park with more than 200 attractions including 16 roller coasters, and is the home to Splash Works, a 20-acre water park!

I definitely believe that you will enjoy your day here on Canada Day!

Canada Wonderland fireworks. Enjoy the Canada Day fireworks display over at Canada Wonderland #wonderland #CanadaDay

Source: Canada Wonderland

5// Canada Day in Banff

I love Banff! I went to visit with my family last year and fell in love with it! A post will be up soon about it! 

Celebrating Canada Day in Banff would be totally amazing! From their official website

The natural beauty, heritage, and culture of Banff and Lake Louise make for a fantastic setting to experience Canada Day on July 1.

There is no better way to celebrate than being among the mountains and lakes that have defined images of Canada around the world.

Canada Day Fireworks – The Best Place To Watch In Canada