Dollar Store Decorating Hacks

I love finding Dollar Store hacks to help decorate my home.

I am a very DIY person and I like to find bits and pieces to make a home look just as beautiful as it would if you went to a high-end home decor store. 

I hunted the internet to find the best dollar store hacks to help me decorate and revamp my home.

I will do a post about that soon, but if you were interested in doing a little project to revamp your own home, these money-saving hacks will help you.

We rounded up some of the best DIY dollar store hacks to help you save money while making your homes look beautiful. 

If you are on a budget and you are looking for ways to save money but still make your home feel homey, we have a great few hacks you can use today. 

Today we will be sharing:

  • Quick dollar store home decor ideas anyone can use to save money

  • Creative dollar store home decorating and organization tips 

  • Clever dollar store ideas that will make your house beautiful

  • Great dollar store decorating hacks anyone can use

Quick dollar store home decor ideas anyone can use to save money! Creative dollar store home decorating and organization tips #dollarstore #DIYdecortips

If you are excited to try out a few DIY Dollar Store Decor hacks to save extra money, keep reading below!

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DIY Dollar Store Hacks

We hope you find all our dollar store hacks below very helpful and you will create something that will help spruce up your own home! 

DIY dollar store decor has become extremely popular over the years. 

And by using our dollar store decorating hacks, you can easily create a gorgeous home atmosphere that you can be proud of. 

We encourage you to use some or all of the dollar store home decor ideas below!

Dollar store hacks for decorating your home on an affordable budget! Try these dollar store hacks for your next DIY project and be amazed by the results! #dollarstore #cheaphacks #decorhacks

Dollar store home decor hacks

Here is an epic list of over 10 dollar store decoration hacks you can use to spruce up your new home today. If you are on a budget, it wouldn’t hurt you to try some of these. 

These dollar tree projects and money saving ideas are super fun today. 

1//Metallic Rope Basket Made From Dollar Store Supplies

Are you looking for simple dollar tree decorations for living room? Why not use this simple wastebasket idea to give your living room a little bit of life?

We all need wastebaskets but I hate having simple-looking ones.

Ideally, I would like one wastebasket that matches my decor whether it’s in the bathroom, the bedroom or the laundry room.

That’s why I fell in love with this simple DIY metallic rope basket by Savvy Chaser

Here is a DIY Metallic rope basket designed using dollar store products! #DIY #Dollarstorehacks #dollarstore

2// DIY White Farmhouse Pitcher From Tacky Thrift Store Find

If you are looking for dollar tree DIY farmhouse decor, look no further than this DIY pitcher!

Learn how to make a white farmhouse pitcher for a fraction of the cost using a tacky thrift store find!

If you love the farmhouse style, you’re going to love this DIY farmhouse pitcher tutorial from Making Manzanita. I have always loved the farmhouse style designs. 

If you have a dollar store near you, you can find everything you need to easily make this gorgeous farmhouse pitcher! It’s perfect for those that are on a budget!

The pitchers can be used as accent decor items around your home or in the kitchen!

Whatever works for you. 

Dollar Store DIY Pitcher make over. Use this dollar store hacks to create your own today! #dollarstore

3// Decorate Dollar Store Candles With Napkins

Makeover candles with just a few materials from any dollar store! Decoupage Candles from the dollar store. Dollar store hacks to try today!

These Dollar Tree candles can be customized for any occasion.

I am currently creating a few to add to my daughter’s room and I am looking for blush napkins to create some for the master room.

This dollar store hack is really easy to make and they look beautiful as just decor items in any room. 

The candles are the electronic style and so it makes it good to add to any room without worrying about fire hazards. 

Also, I did this dollar store project with my two-year-old daughter and it was a lot of fun as she enjoys being involved with what I do! 

It was just one of those dollar store hacks I needed to share with you and it is totally perfect to do with young children.

4// Dollar Store Sign Makeover 

If you are looking for more awesome dollar store hacks to try out, you might want to make some cute signs to put around your home.

I did a bit of spring cleaning the other day and I decided I need a few things on certain walls around my house.

What better way to spruce up an empty than with some cute signage.

If you go anywhere else, the signs can cost $19.00 and even up to $35.00!

And I was lucky enough to come across a few dollar store hacks that had a few DIY tutorials you could do to create your own signage

Dollar Store signs to decorate your home easily and very cheaply! Learn how DIY your own wall signage!

5// Simple Dried Fruit And Herb Wreath

I have seen some of the best dollar store decor ideas from Salt in my Coffee Blog!

If you’re looking for a fast and easy homemade wreath for the holidays, it doesn’t get much easier than dried fruits and herbs on a simple grapevine wreath.How to make dried fruit and herb wreathe cheaply! Get the full tutorial here #wreath #DIYProjects

Here’s how to quickly make a dried fruit and herb wreath, for a hint of that colonial Williamsburg charm.

This item will definitely look amazing during the Christmas holidays!

But there is no harm in creating one now, you can find the full tutorial on how to create this over at Salt In My Coffee blog! 

The wreaths are actually really beautiful and I think doing a few even for spring makeovers or in the fall can really help make your home look amazing. 

If you are not looking to spend a lot of cash on purchasing wreaths, this DIY dollar store is perfect for you! 

6// Dollar Store Craft: Simple Glass Vase Makeover

With this easy dollar store craft, you can decorate a simple glass vase in minutes. How to turn a simple DIY dollar store vase into something gorgeous to decorate your home #diydecor #dollarstore

You get to play with glass paint too!

This stripe vase turned absolutely beautiful! It is a tutorial originally by Plaid designer Julie Lewis that Amy from DIY Candy decided to replicate for herself and it came out beautifully! 

They totally managed to make a plain glass vase from the dollar store look very modern by using the addition of painted stripes and boom!

A whole new look to add to your home for added decor is created! I love how simple and easy it was to make. 

Go ahead and attempt this DIY project and tell us how it goes! 

8// Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath

Everyone needs a little touch of greenery in their farmhouse-style home! This easy DIY farmhouse wreath is so simple to create to decorate in the farmhouse style. easy to make farmhouse wreath using dollar store items

If you love easy DIY farmhouse crafts as we do, then you will totally love this easy to make farmhouse wreath! 

According to Chelsea from Making Manzanita, this DIY farmhouse wreath is so easy to make, you’ll be shocked!

So go ahead and create and tell us all about it! 

We loved the muted tones of this look as well as how natural it looked and Chelsea felt the same way! 

9// DIY Dollar Store Sun Hat Wreath

A wreath is an easy way to add character to your front porch. How to create your own sun hat using amazing items from the dollar tree #dollarstoreitems

This inexpensive DIY Dollar Tree Sun Hat Wreath is perfect Spring and Summer door decor and sets the mood for happy thoughts before entering the home.

Put a smile on visitor’s faces by making your own today! I attempted this at the beginning of summer and I love it. I made it with my toddler and it was just a fun project. 

We Three Shanes has created an amazing and simple to follow DIY Dollar store hat wreath that you can easily follow!

We love easy dollar store hacks that we can add to our growing collection!

10// DIY Dollar Store Serving Tray

This gorgeous serving tray is typically made using an old picture frame or one purchased on the cheap at a $1 store.

It only costs to make $4!

Talk about saving money just for using dollar store items!

This serving tray actually has multiple purposes and you can use it to decorate your home as you feel!

Just follow this fun tutorial from Cutefetti to get your project perfectly designed! 

The best DIY Serving tray #bloggingtips #promotips

11// DIY Lantern From Dollar Store Frames

This gorgeous lantern was made from dollar store items and it cost a grand total of $6?

Lanterns are definitely gorgeous and I actually have a few lanterns around my home.

They make for gorgeous decorative items to use around the home. I have added candles to mine and set them in the living room!

When I came across this DIY project for actually creating your very own lantern, I knew I had to share it!

Decorating with dollar store items is not a bad idea after all! 

DIY Dollar store lantern to use decorative items around the house #diydollarstore #decor #dollatstore

There you have it, an epic list of dollar store decorating hacks you should try. 

Here is a great video I found on YouTube about dollar store decorating hacks.

I found a lot of here hacks pretty cool and easy to do. I will definitely be attempting one or two myself. 

Which of these dollar store hacks will you give a try?

We want to see what you make, be sure to tag us on Instagram if you do decide to recreate any of these dollar store decor items! @liveandearncanada!

Stylish Decor Dollar Store Hacks That Won’t Break The Bank