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When is the best time to go to Mauritius?

Are you wondering what the best time to go to Mauritius is? 

Well, you are in luck, I just came back from this absolutely beautiful island and I must say,  it’s a must-visit. 

With all the breathtaking beaches they have in Mauritius, white sand and amazing people and food, I can guarantee you will have a great time on this island. 

I had such a great time in Mauritius and I want to share my opinion on the best time to visit Mauritius in order to get the best out of your vacation. 

If you do not know a thing about Mauritius, it is a gorgeous island right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar!

The island is surrounded by beaches to die for, breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful small towns. 

This makes it the best place to go on vacation to relax, enjoy and rejuvenate. 


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