Montreal In A Day

Thinking of spending a day in Montreal?

Montreal is the largest city in the French province of Quebec and is one of the most populated places in Canada as well as the most loved city.

The city is steeped in history and culture and has many different attractions and activities to keep you busy for the whole day and more if you want to stay for longer (which you will want to do).

Canada is a beautiful country to visit and as well as to live in.

They are so many wonderful cities to visit but we have a secret list of the best cities to visit in Canada should you wish to explore further. 

If you are visiting Montreal for the first time and you only have a day to spare, the tips below will help you enjoy the city easily.

You have absolutely not visited Montreal if you have not spent some time in Old Montreal which is the oldest part of Montreal. 

Here you can see the famous basilica (Notre Dame Basilica)!

We created this popular itinerary to help you explore Montreal in the most time effective way as possible. 

Montreal in a day, here is what to do and see all in our ultimate guide to seeing this beautiful city with limited time.